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Making the Most of Your Google My Business Listing

Making the Most of Your Google My Business Listing

This article has kindly been contributed by Caroline Middlebrook who runs Velium SEO. Be sure to check out her social profiles at Bundlr and 8tracks.

If you go to Google and type in the name of your company you should see the three following entries come up in the results:

1) Your website – hopefully in the number #1 spot
2) Your social profiles – Facebook, Twitter etc – these should blanket the rest of the home page
3) Your GMB listing on the right hand side of the search results

That Google My Business listing has been evolving steadily over the years and is becoming increasingly important as Google continues to expand on it.

Searchers are now used to seeing this panel and will look up your company to see how it fares. Here are some of the parts of the listing that are important to setup when creating and editing your listing:

1) Your Name, Address & Phone Number

This is called your ‘NAP’ and it is very important that the NAP you have listed in Google is identical to what you have on your website. Any inconsistencies could hurt your ranking.

2) Photographs

Google now gives you several distinct sections to add photographs. You should add photos of the exterior and interior of the physical premises and you can also add logos, photographs of staff and anything else which looks good to the visitor.

3) Opening Hours

You can specify the times you open for each day of the week. When a visitor is searching for you, Google detects the time of the search and will add information to the panel saying “Open today” or “Closed” etc. So make sure these times are present and correct.

4) Social Profiles

In your Google+ profile, you can link to many of your other social profiles. Google will then list the prominent ones on this panel so searchers can click through directly to your social properties. Make sure you include these for some extra social engagement.

5) Reviews

Other people who have a Google account can enter a view of your business and this will show up in the panel. A summary of your reviews (the star rating and the number) will also show up in the map entry if there is one for that particular search.

However, as of September 2016, Google has extended this review section to display reviews from many other websites, not just their own. Now you’ll see reviews being pulled in from Facebook, Yelp, and other industry-specific places such as OpenTable, SpaFinder and many more depending on your niche.

So you may have been concentrating only on getting Google reviews, and now it is more important than ever that you get good reviews from all over the web to present a very well rounded profile to Google searchers.

Marketing Ideas For Australian Businesses – Marketing Basics

Marketing Ideas For Australian Businesses – Marketing Basics
For you to be successful in your business, you have to take marketing very serious. Moreover, you need to be creative. Therefore, you will need marketing ideas for Australian businesses. Today, marketing is available in two forms/types. They are:
•    Offline Marketing Techniques
•    Online Marketing Techniques
Offline techniques are methods that many people consider old-school, and they include techniques such as word of mouth, physical mail system, bronchus, billboard ads, announcements and others. Online marketing techniques are those that are applied through digital systems, such as the web. Through online marketing, you have the power to expose your business to the world.
NOTE: For you to be successful in marketing, you have to apply both techniques (I.E. Offline and online marketing).
It is also important to note that marketing is a broad topic with many different methods. There is research that shows about 76% of Australians use portable devices to browse the web every day. 68% use the web to make purchases for services and products.  With this in mind, below are marketing ideas for Australian businesses.
1.    Identifying Your Market
There is no way you are going to be successful in marketing without identifying your market. Keep in mind that every business is looking to increase their market share as well as staying ahead of competitors. Therefore, to achieve all this, you need to identify your market and market demands. Before you invest any money on marketing, you have to look at your target market.
2.    The Marketing Budget
When it comes to marketing, the budget allocated towards marketing is paramount. For you to come up with a marketing budget, first you have to look at your goals and marketing techniques. However, keep in mind that expensive marketing method does not necessarily mean results. As a business person in Australia, you need to be wise and evaluate all your options carefully.
3.    Taking Advantage Of Social Media And Local SEO
Social media is one of the best places to increase your customer base and sales as well. Moreover, you have the ability to create a fan base account where it will be easy for you to market your products, answer any question, and promote your products and much more.
Building a website is one of the primary online marketing techniques. However, the website has to be optimizing to reach more people. Rather than using a general SEO technique, it is best to use local SEO. What is local SEO? Local SEO is a website optimization technique that is aimed at a particular location.
Assuming that your business is located in Sydney; this means that your business will not benefit people in Melbourne, Brisbane or any other place; nor will it help people living in U.S, Africa or Asia due to its location factors.
NOTE: This will apply to service only based businesses. However, product-based businesses have the power to market their products worldwide.

These are marketing ideas for Australian businesses that should be your marketing foundation. Without them, you will be reducing your marketing percentage success.