Search Engine Optimization for Music Marketing

online marketing Services for musicians

The first step for  attracting more fans is  having a  “landing page” this is a must for getting new fans to sign up.

The second step is written and  video content, which is very important  to hook fans into the mailing list and then direct them to the primary content. having a  “news” section or a WordPress blog attached to your site, great for SEO.

It’s essential to use an autoresponder email platform to deal with the volume of emails.

If you want to be a big player in the online music industry  Search Engine Optimization Services are required for your website and it is recommended having at least one blog post a week, one video clip or video blog a month, and release a newsletter. So with a blog going out each week and a newsletter and a video going out each month, that’s basically an opportunity to sell something on top of continuing to promote your releases to fans as well as building the Music Marketing relationship.

Shoot a video introducing your band to the fans, connect with your followers through videos, blogs, and the most important social media platforms. Use youtube as a  jukebox all your songs should be up there.

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